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blog-suI recently discovered a website that I love! A friend told me about StumbleUpon, which is a social media site that is endless. When you sign up for this site, you can either use an e-mail address or sign in with your Facebook account. You then fill out your interests and preferences. From here you are able to hit the “stumble” button and be led to a website. All websites should match your preferences and likes, and you will find online shopping, pictures, videos, blogs, and articles that match your personal taste. If you like something and you want to reference it later, hit the “thumbs up” button. If the site isn’t something that you’re into, hit the “thumbs down” button and you won’t have to see it again.

This is a great site that provides hours of entertainment and opens up a whole new way to search your likes and interests! Happy “stumbling” :)



Have you heard of Groupon? Well I love saving money, so I absolutely LOVE this website. I’m always on a pretty tight budget since I’m trying to take care of some loans I have, but I don’t like to compromise having fun and doing things. I try to find a balance, though, and Groupon helps me out with that.

Groupon is free to sign up for. All you need is an e-mail address and password. You choose the location that you want to get deals for, and can click through to customize your hobbies and interests. You purchase a coupon on the site and can redeem it appropriately. I have gotten a variety of things from a year subscription to Cosmo, meals at restaurants, and even tickets to a comedian. If you love to travel, they even have Groupon Giveaways, which brings you vacations for cheap!


the nestSo in my last blog post, I was gushing over how great the website “The Knot” is for wedding planning. Well I’m here to tell you about another website that is created by the same company called “The Nest“. This website is also free to sign up for and requires an e-mail address and a password to do so. On subsequent logins, you just sign in with the e-mail you enteres and the password you created.

The Nest has everything to do with home. This includes home decor ideas (with real photos), painting and DIY tips, cleaning and organizing ideas, renovation instructions, food and recipes, holiday ideas, money tips and tricks, relationship ideas (with fun date night ideas!), real estate (with super helpful home buying tips), a health section, and even an area for pets!

I visit this site all of the time and I’m so glad I found it! Whether you’re renting or you own a home, it’s definitely worth signing up for.

knot‘Tis the season for weddings! It feels like everybody I know is getting engaged or in the process of planning a wedding. I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I’m the maid of honor in the wedding coming up in August and I can’t wait! I absolutely love weddings, so you can imagine my excitement when I get invites in the mail for more weddings in the upcoming months.

A go-to website for us to visit in the process of planning the wedding (as maid-of-honor, I’m also the unofficial wedding planner) is called The Knot. This website is free to use and all you need to do is sign up with an e-mail address and a password. You then fill in the details of the wedding: the date, colors, theme, and so much more. It’s a great way to personalize your wedding. Look through thousands of real pictures for ideas of flowers, decor, attire, jewelry, cakes, and more.

Check this site out and take your wedding planning to a whole new level!



I’m been obsessing over daily deal websites lately. I’m not opposed to going to the sites that you need an e-mail to sign up for. I created a separate e-mail account just for sites like this so that my regular inbox doesn’t get flooded with advertisements.

I love Zulily because they have daily deals for moms, babies, and kids. I found this awesome playground there a couple of days ago and I love it! They have toys, clothes, shoes, maternity items and so so much more.

Sign up for Zulily today and have access to great, unique products and deals. I love this and I think you will, too. If you invite friends to the site, you can save money if they place an order. When their items ship you will get $15 credited to your account to use!

Welcome to my blog! I created this blog a few years ago and still enjoy it just as much now as I did then. Here you will find random chatter of all things related to my life. Have an opinion to share? Let me know if the comments!



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