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My homie Paul from grade school told me about this awesome design and print company out of Minneapolis that I had to check out.

Burlesque is their name and fresh prints is their game. Paul is a graphic design student from the Minneapolis Art Institute and he got hooked up was a sweet job designing for Target (he actually won the job by being best in show for his class exhibit) but he told me his real dream is to work at an independent firm and Burlesque would be his first choose – or at least basis of comparison

I first heard of Burlesque of North America and saw their work at the Triple Rock’s annual Dre Day celebration (everybody’s celebrating) where they’ve co-sponsered and made custom stickers, prints, and tees for the event since the early 2000s.

When I finally got around to checking out Burlesque of North America’s webpage I was overwhelmed by all the awesome stuff they got going on. From their content to their online store, I dug literally everything. I seriously couldn’t make up my mind about what I wanted to buy first so I elected to by their Mystery Grab Bag.

Here’s the product description:

Have you ever seen our office? It’s filled with all sorts of magical, amazing things. Send us ten dollars and we’ll send you a generous sampling of some of the stickers, doodles, flyers, magazines, CDs, and other weird crap we have up here. By ordering the Mystery Grab Bag, you agree to accept whatever we send you. No complaints, no returns.

And it’s just ten bucks! I got an e-mail today saying the package is on its way and I couldn’t be more stoked. Tune in soon to find out what’s inside….

Earlier this summer I saw Hot City Pizza while driving home with the family down West Seventh Street in Saint Paul. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of it before because I’ve lived in the area all my life. Apparently Pops has been there many times and he said it was bomb so I’ve been itching to try it ever since. Then when I brought my girl friend down there to pick up her car from the auto body shop just up the street she affirmed my interest bragging about how good their philly cheesesteak pizza. I had to figure it out for my self.

When my mother told me she had to go out to the co op on West Seventh this morning I told her I was in for ride if and only if we could stop at Hot City and check it out. My mom, little sister, and I had lunch there today and it was fantastic. Definitely going to come back and check out some of their white sauce pizzas and hoagies. Great spot for lunch or a cheap date.

Check out Hot City Pizza’s website for menu and special offers!







Before I was born my father started his own business. No matter what job he was doing to get by he was always an audio engineer. We live in a giant warehouse of a building that used to be an auto body shop because it was the the best place for us to make a home and a recording studio. In 1990 we bought the building on Smith and Annapolis, and we’ve called West Saint Paul our home ever since. My father and a crew of his best friends built our apartment style home from the ground up; Plumbing, electric, and all. They also built Ambient Sound, a recording studio owned and operated by my father, Bob Cain, for the last couple of decades.

Today the studio brings in enough money to be (some what) self-sufficient, to the point where it is my fathers only source of income. For two decades he has relied on word of mouth business (with the exception of a couple City Pages ads) and has made a decent living off the people he met in bars and musicians with day jobs. But business could be better and to be honest it’s getting kind of out dated.

The internet has so much to offer my dad’s small business and after a few tough conversations I finally convinced him to let me do a little online marketing for him. To start I made Ambient Sound a Google places page, and Google even sent us a cool bar code sticker! Now the studio is up on Facebook and ready to be ‘liked’! I’m proud Ambient Sound Professional Recording Studio got 10 likes in its first few hours on Facebook pages. A small start for big dreams.

Ambient Sound: Musicians wanted – Call 651-457-9590

One of my good friends Allison recently got an internship at CityKid Java off Lake Street in Minneapolis and she gave me the scoop on what they are all about…

CityKid Java is a Minneapolis coffee company that gives all profits to kids in Urban Ventures programs in south Minneapolis. Since its inception in 2002,  they’ve served 10,000 kids and are celebrating their 10-year anniversary from this summer to next summer with events and a launch of their legacy coffee: Lake Street Blend, which will be available come August. You can find CityKid Java at Target, Cub Foods and Cooks of Crocus Hill and Whole Foods in Uptown this fall. CityKid Java also has cafes at many local colleges including, UofM-TC, HCMC, Hamline, Anoka Ramsey Community College, Northwestern College – Iowa, as well as many other small locations in the Midwest.

You can catch CityKid Java online

Or ‘like’ them at

Don’t forget to check out their blog @


Michael here, and I’m happy to say this is the 400th post to! I’ve been writing for this blog for about a month but it is already my favorite to write for. Things may have changed a bit when I took over but overall I think I’m most happy with the direction this blog is now heading.

If you’ve following along at all (don’t worry not many people have) you’ll notice I’ve been using this space to give shout out to the people and things I like best in the world. Being based in Saint Paul Minnesota most of the posts are about things I find best in the Twin Cities area: restaurants, artists, bars, food, music, etc. I hope to start doing bios and interviews of friends and acquaintances who are doing amazing things in Minnesota, also I hope to post about great things I find while traveling.

If you or someone you know is doing something you think is the best, tell me about. We’ll talk and I’ll write about it, deal?

Find me on the twitter: whoismikecain








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