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I work for an engineering company, and part of my job description is to be in charge of efficiency. This mean that I have to have an overview of the entire company, and look for the best ways of doing things. One of the most important things I do, is trying to find the best way to save energy, in labor and in money. One of the biggest things I have had to do so far, as well as one of the biggest improvements in the company I have made, is finding the most efficient stators. This is something that our company really needed help on. I did all my research and finally found the company with the best possible stators we were looking for. They run so smoothly, clean and work very well with our other machinery. Since we have switched stators, the company has saved so much money. With the new stators working so well, it helps the other machinery work well also. Searching for the right product is really the smart way to save money!

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I’ve learned more in the past few months about stators, motors, and rotors than I ever have before. I find stators most interesting because they are the stationary part of an electric generator or motor. They have a ton of different abilities and the markets in which this technology is applicable in is amazing!

Here’s a little piece from a website I found with a huge selection and knowledge base of stators:

Stator Capabilities:

  • Lamination bonding and welding
  • Insulating powder coating of stacks
  • Coil winding
  • Soldering, joining and brazing
  • Trickle and vacuum varnishing
  • Machining of finished stacks/assemblies
  • Electrical testing
  • Design parameters: Proximity effect losses, skin losses, surge/corona, PEL
  • Stator testing: theory/algorithm of the test surge, corona

Isn’t this amazing? If you have a project that you need these products for, then this is definitely the site to check out. Not only do they have a fantastic supply but they can also help with project management and development.

Windings--Moving Coil Motors


I feel like it’s rare these days to find a company that has a high quality product with top of the line customer service to match. WOAH, I can’t believe I just used the term “these days” in a sentence. That makes me feel so old!

Anyway, Windings is a company that has been around for years and keeps their same core values and high quality products throughout. However, one thing that has changed over time is their experience and knowledge: the longer and longer they are around, the better off YOU are. The staff at Windings is always willing to help with advice and project development ideas.

If you are looking for rotors, motors, stators, or coil windings, then check this company out! They are more than willing to help you out and allow you to experience their amazing service paired with high-quality products.



I love finding companies that amaze me. Windings is one of these. This company is based out of  a small town in rural Minnesota but is a worldwide company. They are employee-owned and have the experience and technical capability to develop whatever your project may entail. This means that they can evaluate the project that you are currently working on by identifying any problematic areas of design and providing input and cost-saving solutions. Not only do the employees of this company work with you on the project, but they have an awesome selection of stators, rotors, stator/rotor kits, and even full motor and generator sets! These are high quality materials at competitive prices.

I hope you enjoyed the review and share some of your great website finds back this way!



I’ve been trying to improve on my vocabulary and understanding when it comes to different parts used for vehicles, engineering, and other machines. It’s no fun being in the dark when it comes to things like this and I am always looking for opportunities to learn!

A stator is the stationary part of a rotary (electric system). Stators are also used in sirens. They cut off and re-open airflow which generates the siren’s flow and is therefore responsible for the sound. Stators can be used for a variety of things and have capabilities including: lamination bonding and welding, insulating powder coating of stacks, coil winding, soldering, joining and brazing, trickle and vacuum varnishing, machining of finished stacks/assemblies, electrical testing, design parameters, and stator testing.

What do you know about stators?


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