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I got asked to be in one of my friends wedding, which I am unbelievably excited about! This past weekend was the bachelorette party, and it was unbelievably fun. Even though I was so excited for it, I had in the back of my mind the thought that I just wasn’t going to be feeling 100% confident. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t gotten a whole lot of time to workout as much as I wanted, and I’m sure some stress eating. I definitely did not want to have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in my dress at the party.

My friend suggested I go with her to get body wraps in Orange County with her. I had never done one before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I went in there a little nervous not knowing what I was really getting myself into, and I definitely came out very pleased. I felt so amazing after I left. I was so ready for the party. I put on the dress I wanted to wear for the party and I couldn’t believe how confident I felt in the dress. Being confident and comfortable with your look is such an amazing feeling. It makes the night that much more fun because you have one less thing to worry about.

I will definitely be getting another body wrap in Orange County before the wedding, and I will be suggesting this to all of the bridesmaids, so we can all feel confident.

CloudMover--FacialsI have been to my fair share of day spas. I have gone to places because I received a gift card there as a present, have gone with a group of girls for a fun day out for relaxation, or just wanted to check it out.

I have to say that out of any day spa I’ve been to, CloudMover is my favorite. They have the BEST body treatments Orange County has available in the entire area. I’ve had a ton of things here, but my two favorites are their facials and massages. I had my first facial here and loved what it did for my skin. As far as massages go, their menu is so vast that no matter what I want focused on, I always feel so relaxed. Going here is like taking a mini vacation!



Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. I hope you all had a fantastic one (I have trouble calling it a “holiday”) and that whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, you felt the love all around!

I had an amazing day. As a tradition, I started out the morning with my girlfriends. We got breakfast and coffee at our favorite place to eat and started the day out celebrating our fantastic friendship. After work, I got home to a house that was completely lit by candles. I had a nice homemade dinner and a glass of my favorite wine waiting for me. I got a beautiful bouquet of roses and opened up a giftcard to my favorite boutique and a gift certificate to get one of my favorite massages in Huntington Beach. Overall it was a great day!

This week could not go by and slower. I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday! On Saturday, a very good friend of mine is coming to visit from Northern California. We have had this planned for quite awhile and now that it’s getting closer and closer, time seems to be going slower and slower!



I’m so excited to see her again! It’s going to be a jam-packed day. First, we are hitting up the shopping centers. I knew we would be doing a lot of shopping so I’ve even been saving a little extra money! We’re going to grab lunch at my favorite sushi place, and head over to get massages in Huntington Beach. This will be the cherry on top of the day to relax after being on our feet and shopping all day.

Hurry UP weekend and get here already!

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