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I have admired this man’s work for a long time, and I know him in a 3 degrees of separation kind of way – I went on a road trip with some girl I met on myspace and she happened to be dating him at the time. I would always see Collin on stage at my favorite local bands’ shows growing up. Back when I was sixteen I was impressed by his client list of tour bands he met through local contacts but now he boasts an even more impressive client list of: Wantful, Cavalier Essentials, Target, Health Partners, Kartel, Complex, Atlantic Records, Space 150, Bonobos, EC, Red Bull, Ugmonk, Rhymesayers, and USA Today.

This man truly has an eye for photo. I recently started following him on the twitter and even his instagram photo are awesome. Check out Collin’s website to view his portfolios and his thousands of back logged photos and you’ll be lost for hours. Also don’t miss his Any Meal project – photos from great meals with great conversation.

Nikon DSLRs If you’re lucky enough to own a Nikon (I first owned a Nikon D40 in June 2007; upgraded to the Nikon D40x in October 2007; and am currently rather impatiently waiting on the arrival of the Nikon D7000!) DSLR, then you’ll definitely want to pick up the following accessories for it:

  • External flash: priced anywhere between $100 (Sigma and other non-Nikon brands) and $400 (Nikon brand; different models), an external flash enables you to take photos with a softer, more diffused, further-reaching light
  • Wireless remote: a wireless remote is quite handy for group shots and even creatively-posed self-portraits (I found mine for $12 on Amazon)
  • Portrait lens: you can’t go wrong with the Nikon 50mm f/1.8
  • Telephoto lens: get far-away shots with the Nikon 200mm f/2.8
  • Fisheye lens: great for creative shots, I have and love the Bower 8mm fisheye
  • Extra memory cards: I keep an 8GB in my camera and carry two extra 4GBs
  • Bag: you’ll definitely need a sturdy, durable, and protective bag to carry all of your camera gear around in!

Happy photographing. :)

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