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If you have a dog or cat that is getting older or has had an injury which makes it hard for him or her to move around, you know how heartbreaking it is to see. Pets are a part of the family and when they are in pain or unable to move around like they used to it can be very unsettling.

I found this website called Ruff Rollin. They are top of the line when it comes to service and product. They custom create wheelchairs for dogs and cats. This company makes rear support, front support and even full body support wheelchairs for animals. They are hand-built from a family-owned company in Montana. These are guaranteed to fit your animal because each wheelchair is custom fit for him or her. It’s also comforting to know that the frame has a LIFETIME warranty and can accomodate even the most active dogs!

Check out this site and see what they can do for your furry friend. :)

I have two adorable dogs. For the MOST part, they are extremely well-behaved. However, sometimes when I leave or am gone, the younger dog, Keeda, has anxiety. When we first got her, she would shred the blinds to pieces and go to the bathroom on the carpet. We brought her into the vet, and wanting to use medication as a LAST resort, asked what we could do to help with her anxiety.

The vet recommended two things; both of which we tried and both of them we have loved.



This is a ThunderShirt. This is supposed to help with a ton of different kinds of pet anxiety, in both dogs and cats. It works by “hugging” them and making them feel secure. It works with separation anxiety, thunderstorms, car rides, and so much more.

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This calming collar is something else that helped out a lot. This uses pheromones and releases a relaxing scent for the dog. It helps with excessive barking, separation anxiety, and inappropriate marking.

What have you tried to help calm your dogs down?


Dog bones

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 10.27.16 AMYeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t all dog bones the same? Perhaps they’re all treated the same; getting gnarled to bits by rough, playing teeth, but each bone has its own merit. Purchased from the local Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Outlet, our favorite these days is this giant dinosaur bone. No, it’s not actually from a dino, but it seems large enough to be! Our American Bull Dog, Norah, loves to sit in the sun and chew, scrape and lick this thing to death. The best part being that she’ll leave it for a week or two then suddenly pounce on it one day like it’s a brand new treat. I’ve been told these bones are also available at Amazon, Petco and Petsmart. Super awesome!!

Last Tuesday my husband and I ventured into our local Petco to pick out a Plakat Betta fish for our friend, Jason. While we were there, I noticed a few overly large Betta fishes, which I later discovered were actually . I was intrigued…king Betta fish?! Heck yes! These guys can grow to be as big as four inches in length! There were two black, one blue, and two light gray ones. I couldn’t resist. As a “reward” for doing so well in getting a lot of work done, I went back that evening and picked out one, whom I brought home and promptly named Gillsbert (like Gilbert, but Gillsbert for gills…get it?).

I really, really like Betta fish. Yes, they’re a bit of a pain because you have to keep them in separate tanks, but a 1.5-2 gallon tank is adequate for most Bettas, and the more modern “vertical” designed tanks are quite space-saving (I have two on my desk right now). And they’re pretty, and quite personable! Heck, I have one that likes to watch “Betta TV” – aka my lava lamp. How cute is that?!

I love love love Betta fish. I’m seriously a cat person, but I do like Betta fish. Why Betta fish over other types of fish? Well, they have a lot more personality. Betta fish are as unique as people are. I have a Plakat Betta right now, a blue one named Gldd (as in Good Luck Don’t Die; I named him that as a joke after two Bettas in a row died within 2 days of bringing them home). While it’s true that Betta fish can’t be kept together, because they will fight; you can sometimes keep one Betta fish with 1-2 other non-Betta fish. But it depends on the type of fish, as well as their individual personalities. Believe it or not, there are some fish out there that will actually gang up on Bettas!

Gldd, my Plakat Betta fish

Check out this rather aggressive Crowntail Betta – you know he’s a feisty one since he flares up just because you got close to the little cup he’s kept in at the grocery store:

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