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Road trip!

telluride-town-2Whew! Hello again blogging world!

I just returned from a whirlwind two-week vacation with my husband–talk about wonderful timing! Trekking across the warm regions of the balmy southwest while everyone back home in Minnesota got to deal the with the snow and cold; we couldn’t have planned our unplanned excursion better!

Using the GPS on our iPhones and our roadside atlas as our guide, we set out without a plan and with 15 days laying completely open before us. We skied in Colorado, hiked in Arizona, soaked in hot springs in New Mexico and wined and dined ourselves all the way back home. Here I sit, with probably 7 pounds more of me to love, completely smitten with our unscheduled voyage. I can’t wait to get the film back {Yes, I said film. Captured this trip all on a 35mm film camera!!} and relive it all over again.

Now that I have my fill of gas station beef jerky {why is it so delicious?} and all things crazily unhealthy behind me, I’m ready to get back on the conditioning wagon and search for recipes to fuel our bodies with healthy alternatives. I love how inspired vacations make me feel!

{image from Exclusive Resorts}


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