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blog-frozenI went back to my childhood last night and decided to rent a Disney movie. I used to love watching the movies, and even better was signing along to the awesome soundtracks! I think “Beauty and the Beast” has to be my favorite Disney movie of all time.

I heard great things about the movie “Frozen“, so I checked it out for myself. I ended up really liking this movie and am glad that I watched it! It also had a great soundtrack, so it definitely didn’t disappoint there. Although unlike in my childhood, I did hold off on singing along and dancing around the living room in from of the TV. :)

This is a movie that’s great for people of all ages. It’s out on DVD now, so this can be purchased and given as a gift.

blog-pandora one


I absolutely love listening to music. I am almost always listening to something whether I’m driving, working out, cleaning, cooking, working,  showering and of course when I get ready in the mornings! The thing I love most about music is that I can listen to a different type of music depending on what mood I’m in or what I feel like listening to for a particular occasion. I listen to peppy, upbeat music, slow country music and everything in between!

I used to have a Pandora app on my phone and would listen to Pandora radio regularly on my computer. I got really sick of having my music interrupted by ads all of the time so I decided to sign up for Pandora One. It’s super cheap at only $3.99 a month or $36 for an entire year. This also makes a great gift for somebody if you know people that love music!



How many of you have Pandora? If you don’t, I’d like to tell you all about it. Pandora is an internet radio application in which you can stream a variety of music right to your own computer or smart phone. Any device that gets internet has the ability to play Pandora radio stations.

You can type in your favorite genre, song, or artist and it creates a station with songs just for you. I have so many different stations on my Pandora app on my iPhone. I can switch between all of the stations or click “Shuffle” and music will play to accommodate all of your stations. If a song comes up that you don’t care for, just click the “thumbs down” button and it will never play it again. Hit the “thumbs up” button for your favorite songs, or skip ahead if you don’t want to listen to a particular song at the time.





George Jones

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.22.26 PMCountry Western music lost a great legend today; Mr. George {‘the Possum’, ‘No-Show’} Jones. Nicked such due to his likeness to the animal and for his bouts with alcoholism which lead to many canceled concerts and appearances, Jones sang some of the greatest, saddest country love ballades such as ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ and ‘She Still Thinks I Care.’ Jones was a mere 81-years-young when his time expired. CNN reports that he had been hospitalized since April 18 due to a fever and irregular blood pressure.

In my very frugal and musically-uneducated mind, country music these days completely lacks in not only the melody and lyric department, but also in soul. It seems like modern country western songs and music consistently fall flat when compared to the late greats like Johnny Cash, Chris Ledoux, Jimmy Dean, Earl Scruggs, Kitty Wells and, now, George Jones. It’s a dying breed, that life of a cowboy.

George Jones :: gone, but certainly never forgotten. {September 12, 1931-April 26, 2013}



Before I was born my father started his own business. No matter what job he was doing to get by he was always an audio engineer. We live in a giant warehouse of a building that used to be an auto body shop because it was the the best place for us to make a home and a recording studio. In 1990 we bought the building on Smith and Annapolis, and we’ve called West Saint Paul our home ever since. My father and a crew of his best friends built our apartment style home from the ground up; Plumbing, electric, and all. They also built Ambient Sound, a recording studio owned and operated by my father, Bob Cain, for the last couple of decades.

Today the studio brings in enough money to be (some what) self-sufficient, to the point where it is my fathers only source of income. For two decades he has relied on word of mouth business (with the exception of a couple City Pages ads) and has made a decent living off the people he met in bars and musicians with day jobs. But business could be better and to be honest it’s getting kind of out dated.

The internet has so much to offer my dad’s small business and after a few tough conversations I finally convinced him to let me do a little online marketing for him. To start I made Ambient Sound a Google places page, and Google even sent us a cool bar code sticker! Now the studio is up on Facebook and ready to be ‘liked’! I’m proud Ambient Sound Professional Recording Studio got 10 likes in its first few hours on Facebook pages. A small start for big dreams.

Ambient Sound: Musicians wanted – Call 651-457-9590

Welcome to my blog! I created this blog a few years ago and still enjoy it just as much now as I did then. Here you will find random chatter of all things related to my life. Have an opinion to share? Let me know if the comments!



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