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I love finding companies that amaze me. Windings is one of these. This company is based out of  a small town in rural Minnesota but is a worldwide company. They are employee-owned and have the experience and technical capability to develop whatever your project may entail. This means that they can evaluate the project that you are currently working on by identifying any problematic areas of design and providing input and cost-saving solutions. Not only do the employees of this company work with you on the project, but they have an awesome selection of stators, rotors, stator/rotor kits, and even full motor and generator sets! These are high quality materials at competitive prices.

I hope you enjoyed the review and share some of your great website finds back this way!


After day one we came back to the Ambient Sound Studio on top of the bluffs and watch a personal Mustard Bus performance. I plan to share the video here soon. Needless to say I was wiped when woke up on Sunday for day two. My friend Cheddy was super pumped for the days events and called me at 11 to wake me up so we could make it down to Harriet Island to catch Kids These Days at 1. So we cleaned up last nights mess and made our way down for day two.

Getting down there at one, although I protested, was an awesome idea. You could tell right away that Sunday was going to be a different crowd. All the Dave fans were trickling in slowly and easy to spot; like hippies with money. Kids These Days from Chicago put on an amazing set and I’m real glad I didn’t miss it. Civil Twilight was also very impressive, their lead singer looks like a cross between my friend Ben p and the guy from Twilight ha. The highlight of the day was definitely The Flaming Lips. They were almost an hour late starting their set and Cheddy and I were growing impatient but when they came on it all melted in confetti and balloons. I feel like they only played 10 songs but their set lasted for awhile. First time I’ve seen them and it was one of the funnest sets I’ve ever witnessed. From there Mute Math was a great time as well. They played on the little stage on Raspberry Island while Dave and the Band warmed up with the first hour of their three hour set. Ended the night watching the tail end of Dave Matthews Band’s set were they played the only two DMB songs I know crash and two step. All in all a spectacular day!

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