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blog-amazonI shop on Amazon all the time. I love that I can get both new and used items here and I can do some extensive searching before purchasing. I recently became an Amazon Prime member and have been enjoying the benefits of free shipping on select items as well as some other great perks, too. It’s really nice to be able to save money on something, such as shipping, that adds up so quickly if you do a lot of online shopping.

I’m also a member of the Amazon e-mail list. I received an e-mail this morning featuring some of their awesome weekend deals. They are featuring this Samsung 75″ 1080p TV at 46% off, 41% off of a Dell Ultrabook, $200 off of a Canon 70D camera, and 23% off of Philips Premium Over-Ear Headphones just to name a FEW! Hop online and check some of these deals out for yourself, they’re great!



I feel like there’s some great websites out there that I often times forget about unfortunately. Well, maybe this is a good thing for my bank account because it seems like I spend a lot less money when I shop online less! I have a feeling this isn’t just a random coincidence.

I recently checked out some deals on Amazon. Around Christmas and the holidays I was on this website non-stop but haven’t visited recently (I think I needed a little break from all of the Christmas shopping).

Right now, Amazon has some great deals on their Kindle eReaders. I love reading my books electronically (something that I never thought I would get into) and my Kindle is getting a little old. I think now would be a great time to update it!



I shop on Amazon more often than I should admit. This is my go-to website for just about everything. When I’m going to purchase something online, I almost always check to see if I can get a better deal on Amazon. A lot of people I know have this “relationship” with eBay, but I’ve always preferred Amazon.

After so many purchases, I started asking myself what this Amazon Prime was that I was seeing on the check-out. I checked into it and signed up right away! There are a ton of great benefits to having an Amazon Prime account. With this account, you get FREE two-day shipping on millions of items on the site, unlimited instant streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video,  and one Kindle book per month to borrow. If you want to try it out risk-free, sign up for their FREE 30 day trial. After this, it’s only $79 a year.



I love finding sites that have EVERYTHING. One of these that comes to mind is Amazon. This is my go-to website for just about everything. When I’m wanting to buy something, I almost always double-check to see if Amazon carries the same product. I can usually find it cheaper on this site.

Amazon carries absolutely everything under the sun. I’m really not kidding when I say they have EVERYTHING. I purchased my textbooks from here for a lot cheaper in college (they even offer a rental program for next to nothing). I do my Christmas shopping, my home decor purchasing, my shoe shopping, and just about everything else on here.

Are you a frequent member on here as well? Make sure you sign up for their Prime account, which offers FREE two-day shipping to all members as well as a ton of other perks.


These phone covers are amazing. Since I put one on my phone it hasn’t cracked or broke. I’m a person who goes through phones really easily and so far this phone cover has actually been benneficial. Yes, they are expensive, but I really do think they are worth the money. You can find some decently priced ones off of amazon too. My boyfriend bought me mine, and so far it’s been great and he’s been happy, because I’ve actually kept a phone for a long period of time without having to go get it fixed or to get a new one.

These are great birthday presents too. I bought one now for my sister and she loves it and you can seriously get them in any color you can imagine. They also come in alot of designs now too. My boyfriend has a camo one and I think it looks really cool. Overall, I think they are so worth the money, even if you do have insurance I would get one anyway.

Welcome to my blog! I created this blog a few years ago and still enjoy it just as much now as I did then. Here you will find random chatter of all things related to my life. Have an opinion to share? Let me know if the comments!



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