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As I’ve started to come down from my vacation high and back into reality, I have been pleasantly surprised to see that I have remained inspired and ready to take on new challenges head on. Yesterday, for example, after working in the morning, I came across this lovely blog {where the fun, quirky photo on the left is from, too!} and decided to try my hand at creating a few cloth napkins. This task was relatively easy and peaceful; fulfilling both my need to challenge my sewing/creative mind as well as restful for the soul {a bit too much Chicken Soup for you? Sorry about that!}. Using scrapes and leftovers from previous projects, I cut out all nine squares to use for the napkins. Why nine? It’s what I had. ;-) I looked up this tutorial on how to complete the corners. Then I pressed them all, pressed the seams, and began to sew. And broke my needle in an unfortunately wrong-sized bobbin accident. Total. Bummer.

Even though I wasn’t able to complete the task {I did finish two!}, I was elated at the prospect of even starting it and, even more so, at the thought of having these little beauties displayed on my corner hutch. Can’t wait until I get to the store to get a new needle!!

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  • OMG I love that blog Tricia! I look it up regularly

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