I’m trying out this new WoodWick Candle called Autumn Sunset,and so far I am really liking it. I still can’t get over how much I love the woodwick in the candles. It’s just so unique and awesome to hear it pop and crackle. It’s like a mini fire in your house all the time, with different scents. The Autumn Sunset scent is really different, and something I haven’t ever really tried in my home before.

It’s like an outdoorsy smell, but still has such a homey feeling and when you walk in the house and smell it, it just relaxes you. It makes me want to come in, curl up on the couch and just relax and watch a movie. I like changing my scents up every once in a while, just so it doesn’t get over used or to boring. I really like this scent though, and so far so has the rest of my family too. Surprisingly no one has complained yet.

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  • The candle is a very good candle if you follow the directions. The wick has to be trimmed and burned for hours so it will burn even. If it does not burn even, it will eventually just be a pain to light. It is a very good smelling candle, my wife loves them. Dont worry about the crackling sound, can’t really hear it. It makes the house smell good, guess that’s the point.

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