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orangecrushYou know when the word actually sounds like its meaning? I know it’s called an onomatopoeia, but I’m talking about when you hear a word and something happens in your brain that makes visuals flow forth. Too deep? Well, during our travels last week, my mom and I stumbled upon a pretty sweet East Coast beverage known as the crush. As soon as the server mentioned it, I pictured boating and water droplets and sunshine and summer…and was sold.

A crush consists of freshly squeezed citrus, top-shelf vodka, orange liqueur {Triple Sec}, splash of 7-up or Sprite and ice. Our server said people mix up the 7-up or Sprite in exchange for club soda sometimes to reduce the sweetness factor. Others use tasty Van Gogh naturally flavored vodkas to add a twist {try the vanilla vodka with an orange crush…dreamsicle!}. The only thing you must keep original is having fresh squeezed citrus, not from the bar gun or a can. Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes…add some muddled berries…there are multiple combinations that would all be a perfect match for summer time!!

Picture 29In all my travels thus far, I’ve been ashamed to say that I’ve never made it to our nations Capitol. I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, Mount Vesuvius, both coasts of the United States, but never the house where our president lives; the area where our nation’s hope and dreams culminate and rest on the shoulders of our leaders. Well, until yesterday, that is.

I was in the area for a workshop with my mother and we thought we should make the trip to Washington, D.C. It took us a 27 minute cab ride, an experience at the Metro station and a 33 minute commuter-train ride and we were there. The day was beautiful; high 70s, not a cloud in the bright blue sky. As we rode up the escalator from the underground rail system, we were both giddy with excitement. Upon making it to pedestrian level, we were immediately greeted with the sight of the Smithsonian Castle, the Washington Monument as well as our Capitol building. And, oh, those beautiful, beautiful cherry blossoms.

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend swinging in. Wear comfortable walking shoes, grab a map, and see all the sites you can. Totally. Worth. It.


Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 5.00.16 PMYesterday was the home opener for the Minnesota Twins 2013 baseball season. If you live in the great state of Minnesota even if you didn’t read the papers or stay current with your baseball events, there was no possible way to escape it on your Facebook newsfeed. It seemed like everyone and their brother was updating about the first crack of the bat, commenting on the beautiful green grass outfield {seems like I’m not the only one needy for spring!}, or liking the Twins Facebook page.

In general, I’ve never been a huge baseball fan and I’ve still yet to visit the new outdoor stadium, but not too much compares to a sunny day with a hot dog in one hand, cold brew in the other, surrounded by friends, watching a good game. Actually, we told my parents and family that we were engaged during a tailgate for the St. Paul Saints! First time at a Saints game, first time tailgating {seriously!}, first/only time being engaged {haha!} and I got to celebrate with America’s greatest past time.

Sigh. Is it springtime yet?!


Shrinky Dinks

Picture 27Being on vacation in The Up North with my family has basically translated into some delicious cocktails and meals {not to mention some fun movie and card time!}, but also channeling my inner-nine-year-old during craft time. My 4-year-old nephew and nearly 2-year-old neice and nephew have been keeping me on my toes with creating games like bear hunt, the rock, endless minutes of hide-and-go-seek, sometimes just ‘hide’ and a little bit of everything in between. Being that I don’t have any kids, I brought with no toys or games. Now I’m thinking that I could have scored some major aunt points had I done so!

I was thinking that Skrinky Dinks could have been the perfect way to remedy a few slow moments in-between our busy day schedules. Coloring on plastic and then watching with our noses pressed against the warm oven window as it warps and melts into something 1/3 of its original size. Make it into a necklace or an army of men or a party of princesses…the options would have been endless.

If only I would have purchased the Shrinky Dinks.

Picture 16The sun is shining warm on my shoulder as I gaze out the window on a beautiful snow-covered landscape; day-dreaming of summer and all the comes with it. Walks outside with only a light jacket or no jacket at all. Playing ball with the pup. Hearing birds chirping in the trees. Barbequing and not having to worry about dashing inside before frost-bite sets in. Ahhh, the days of summer.

Mostly, though, I’m so very much excited about starting my garden. No, I’m not ninety. But I do love the feel of dirt under my nails and the sense of accomplishment when I see those little seeds sprout out of the black dirt. Picking the beans and nibbling them before I even make it in the house. Plucking tomatoes to immediately toss in a fresh caprese salad. Devouring crisp radishes, carrots and peppers. And then when the days start to get a bit shorter and the leaves start to change, I’ll bust out the Knorr jars and get my canning stations established for more garden-goodness during the frosted winter months. Oooo, I can hardly wait!

The rest of today, I’ll most likely spend perusing and planning my garden with sites like Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens and maybe even a bit of this. Who knows!?

Happy sunny Monday!!

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